Shark Tooth Fossil Pendants

Shark Tooth Fossil Pendants

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Shark Tooth Fossil Pendants

Our striking Shark Tooth Fossil Pendants – a unique piece that seamlessly combines nature's ancient artistry with a minimalist design.

This pendant showcases a genuine shark tooth fossil, wrapped in a delicate metal wire. The tooth is fossilised, meaning that it has been naturally preserved for millions of years, making it a remarkable testament to Earth's prehistoric history. Each tooth is unique in shape and colour, adding to its individuality and charm.

Shark tooth fossils are believed to have protective and healing properties and are said to bring good luck and fortune. 

Benefits of these Shark Tooth Fossil Pendants:

  • A perfect gift for anyone prehistorically-passionate 
  • A conversation starter
  • A beautiful and meaningful piece of jewellery that is fit to be cherished for years to come

Capture the essence of the ancient oceans and stand out with a piece of natural history.

Intuitively selected for you from our available stock.

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